Opinion | A five-point inclusive plan for sustainable security and stability in Haiti

This article proposes a five-point plan to address the insecurity and violence in Haiti, involving all key stakeholders in the process Lire l’article en français The plan is built on the moral imperative for unity and solidarity in Haitian society. The first point emphasizes that Haiti is indivisible, and all its cities and regions must work together to address the crisis. Secondly, the plan requires the participation of all sectors of Haitian society, including the diaspora. Thirdly, the plan advocates for the strengthening of the national police force and the army, as well as the mobilization of private security companies’ […]

Professionals flee insecurity in Port-au-Prince by moving to the countryside

The Grand Sud (Southern Region) is the favorite among these professionals who settle in the provinces in the face of the staggering rise of insecurity in the capital. As for the Grand Nord (Northern Region), cities such as Cap-Haitian and Saint-Marc are more and more coveted Lire l’article en français It took Marc André nearly four years to build his house in Croix-des-Bouquets. At the time, this commune was known for its calm and attracted the attention of the middle class in search of land for real estate projects. Six years later, in March 2022, this communications professional had to […]